Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shopping for him

So i've been shopping for christmas presents and was having a hard time trying to find a gift for the men on my shopping list. Until I came across! One of my brothers is very fashion savy so I found these fantastic Gucci shoes that he's going to love!!! You can never go wrong with Gucci shoes, they're just too amazing to be turned down.
I like to have everything in it's own spot, the same spot everytime. But for
some reason I just don't have all the room I need. So I was browsing for
some type of storage shed and I found that has a great selection of outdoor storage sheds. This has saved my sanity. If things are unorganized or out of place I tend to get a little upset. So this is the perfect answer!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Football season!!! An American favorite!!! Are you a die hard football fanatic? Do you have all your favorite jerseys??? If you are not prepared for Monday Night Football make sure to get all your NFL jerseys and apparel ready to go! If you need new ones I’ve got just the place for you! They have every team, just take your pick and don’t be the only one without your NFL jerseys!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Sample sales

My friend went to something called a sample sale last week for a designer named Jeff Sebilia (Project runway season 3 winner for those of you who didn't know) and she said it was absolutely amazing.
We've discussed going to a sample sale together to check out the designer quality.
I am currently in the market for some Gucci shoes and would love to be able to browse the entire selection at a sale!
That would be the ultimate dream for me.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is me.... and I love fashion

I am all about the designer, high fashion and couture. If you don't understand why designer stuff is so expensive, you need to feel the clothes, or feel the purse or the shoes. I love the feeling of say a leather Gucci purse... unbelievable. It's so soft and smooth and beautiful. And if you were to feel the quality of the clothes, unreal. These are the reasons that I love high fashion!

In the Kitchen...

So I love to cook! And with a big family it is essential to be cooking everyday. Could you imagine the expense of eating out like you did when you were single but with a family of like 6? That would just be insane.
When cooking from home if you want to be good, you have to make sure you have all the right kitchen cutlery and kitchen supplies.
I need to be able to rely on my utensils, so I chose some kitchen cutlery that I know will never let me down in the kitchen. It's by R.H. Forschner and I found it at They have a great selection of kitchen cutlery. I love it!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fashion for the little ones

As the holiday season approaches it becomes more and more difficult to not shop. Especially when there are little ones that you have to shop for. Every time I see baby boys clothes or baby girls clothes I just can't help myself but to shop for them!
They are so dang cute. Especially when you come across these little designer boutiques that carry designer baby clothes. I can't even believe how far we have come in the world of fashion when it comes to babies. As a fashion lover I am so excited at the progress we've made for the little ones.