Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Planning a Baby Shower With Ease!

How many of you have had to plan a baby shower? Well, I'm coming up on my third one this year! It seems this is that time of year again, to celebrate the new arrivals! I have had a lot of help planning showers for friends and, family by simply going online. Mamabebe.som has everything you need. One of the showers was a Rubber ducky themed get together. Since mom is showered with all the gifts for baby, I found these baby shower favors that were just perfect! The duck-shaped soap was adorable and, came ready with small cellophane bag, yellow dotted Swiss ribbon, and a gift card bearing the verse: "We shower the mom with gifts it's true, but this shower gift is just for you!" Now, how easy is that! If you are planning a shower, I know how much work it can be. Rest assure that Mamabebe can make it so much easier!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Classic Polos for Golf!

I must say if I were to play all day on a golf green, I would rather wear golf shirts that look like this than anything else! I actually have tops like this in my everyday wardrobe. I guess polos have always been a classic! I have been wearing them for a good decade!