Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Weekend Full of Fun!

Wow, what a busy weekend. We has such a fun time with the kids at the park, and then the zoo. It was so nice out, we walked around the whole day. Boy, I'm beat. I'm just glad we had our new bugaboo stroller! We couldn't have did all the trail walking we did with our old stroller. The wheels were about to fall off anytime we hit a bump with that old thing. My little girl fell asleep have way through the bear exhibit and, slept until we took a break for a snack. We packed enough to last throughout the day, and, even stored some extra water bottles in a cooler underneath the stroller. I'm glad we did, because, the sun was blaring down pretty hard. I got a lot of good pictures for scrap booking and, my husband actually helped out a lot pushing her around. He didn't do that much before. I think he likes the Bugaboo strollers more than I do! Now that we have this cool push along, i think we will be doing a lot more outings!

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