Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kid Clothes for Those Chilly Days!

Well, its about that time again to pull out all those winter kids clothes! Where I live it gets pretty chilly and, we are all wearing our winter coats by now and, we are only half way through October! I am so not ready for another round of shorter days, and darkness that comes at four in the afternoon! I will have to plan some activities for the kid's to at least get out in the backyard and play a bit, before they are shut up in the house and, drive me crazy. I have about a dozen new board games, movies, and, craft books to at least keep them occupied where i can have maybe a minute or two to get dinner ready. Then it hits me, how many more days until Christmas? I am really dreading all the shopping I am going to have to do! I just thank goodness forInternet shopping because, I really don't like taking all the rugrats out shopping with me!

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