Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Planning a Winter Wedding!

I am yet helping out another one of my girlfriend's plan her wedding this winter. I guess they all ask me because, I have a little knack at the creative and decorating stuff. I don't mind, I feel needed and loved. I think the best part of it I get to do something I love without having to pay for it! Since, my friend's wedding is in December I thought about having holly and berry flowers, and some really neat wedding bells as wedding favors for the tables. The evening wedding will be just glorious with the white table cloths and silver bells and red holly. She really loved the idea and let me run with it. I was even thinking of throwing out the Santa idea but, as a joke. I think she would of gone for it too, if I hadn't said I was kidding! If the weather holds out, we'll see if we can get some kind of snow machine to imitate fake snow, since I don't think we will be flying everyone out to the mountains! Which would be lovely, but, very unlikely. So far, so good, we have half of our list checked off and, winding down to the little odds and ends. We are all getting pretty excited! I will definaltely have to take a ton of pictures to share!

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