Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Making a Birthday Wish Come True!

You will never guess what I came across and, I'm so happy. My brother's birthday is coming up and, I wanted to find something he wouldn't expect from me. I have never really been the type to follow sports but, I did some looking around and, found his favorite nfl jerseys! The Atlanta team has been his number one for as long as I remember. He constantly talks sports so, when he mentioned this guy Anderson I made note. These NFL Football Jerseys are really nice too! It has all the looks of a player's jersey and, it didn't cost a fortune!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Mens Rings For Every Taste!

If you were me would you want to buy a mens ring that is something that stands out from the rest? I think this mens wedding band in titanium would make a good choice. It's not too over the top but, classy with the gold groove in the center. I think any guy would love to wear a titanium ring that will not only stay looking great but, comes with a life time guarantee. If you are looking for some truly amazing mens rings for the man in your life, has some great styles for every taste out there!
This 6mm wide titanium wedding band is similar to our style # 2003T but a bit smaller. The 18K gold center has a groove and looks great next to the natural colored titanium.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who Says I Can’t Golf?

I’ve always admired golfers. Call me a geek, but, I see this as a sport of concentration and, skill! This is actually something; I would like to do try one day! And, the clothes have really become something that I could totally dress in. The cute little golf shirts, shorts and, caps! Heck, I wouldn’t mind paying some cute caddy to lug a brand new set of these awesome ladies golf clubs around! Who knows, I may even get good enough to make 18 holes someday! Yeah, right, don’t hold your breath!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Curb Appeal!

We have made plans to redecorate and renovate the outside of our home. We want to entertain this summer with our family and, friends so, here we go on planning! First we need to finish up our patio in the back yard, plant some nice foliage and add some residential lighting.
Lighting fixtures like these were my first pick for the front and, back of our home. Not only do these add elegance but, will add value to our home. With all of our projects we, try and, work on one a year. So, when I'm looking for lighting I found that carries the best selection at unbeatable prices!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer gift ideas

Ladies, if your man likes to dress nice and keep cool during the summer, look into picking him up some nice golf shirts. Some of the polos at for instance, are perfect for this soon to be "dreaded heatwave." Or maybe your man doesn't even know how good it feels to walk around in nice, breathable dry fit golf shirts? If that's the case, get him one anyway. His attitude towards doing those summer outdoor projects just might improve. : )