Monday, December 10, 2012

What An Industrial Exhibit Can Do For Your Company

Our company has been doing so well lately that we are able to do a lot more things as a company that can only better us. We started out by upgrading out industrial exhibit. We knew that was the first thing that needed to be helped. When you have someone who will build you a really great exhibit, set it up, and not have you worry about a thing is really what every company needs, and I don't think people realize that. With all of the help and and amazing quality, our business is once again doing even better. If this isn't enough proof to you that this will strongly help your business then I don't know what will!

Waxing Poetic Jewelry Was An Amazing Gift

My friends and I have our own Christmas party and do a secret santa kind of thing. I usually like giving gifts more than I do receiving gifts, but this year when I opened my gifts I have never been so excited. My friends Christmas has always been the best for gifts because we all know each other so well, so it's hard to go wrong when picking out gifts. My friends know how much I love jewelry. I wear a lot of jewelry everyday. I really like things that look hand made too. This is by far my favorite piece of jewelry I have now. Waxing Poetic jewelry is so different than any other bracelet I have. I haven't taken it off since I opened it, and I have gotten so many compliments on it. It is so my style, and I absolutely love it! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Pop The Question With A Unique Engagement Ring

My brother is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and yes he is going to to it on Christmas.  I think it is a little cheesy, but I know she will totally love it.  He is going to wait until after we open presents, and take her on a walk. Him and her have this special place they go to on their anniversaries, so he is going to take her there to pop the question. I told him if he was going to as her on Christmas he has to make it even more special than all of the other men who do this. He is going to pick out a unique engagement ring for her. He showed me which one he is going to get, and it is absolutely beautiful.  I can just imagine how she is going to react when she sees it.  Her style is pretty original so I think it is going to be absolutely perfect for her. I cannot wait for that special day when I am proposed to.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Not So Ordinary, Timeless Jewelry

I love jewelry, so I am always trying to look for fun and new items. I have, however, found that things are starting to just look the same wherever I go. After going to the mall yesterday and not buying any pieces really urged me to look somewhere new. I started looking at websites online that aren't so mainstream and seriously found the most beautiful jewelry line called Kameleon Jewelry. This ring was my favorite purchase. It is vintage, yet so now. Who doesn't love that?  I love that I  could find so may pieces from one site and didn't have to search all over the Internet and pay for a bunch of shippings, even though I bought so much that I didn't have to pay for it anyways. I will probably be writing about most of the pieces I bought because of how excited I am about them.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lampe Berger Has It All

I fell in love with fragrance lamps from Lampe Berger and love buying them for the rooms in my house. My daughter is going through her phase where she wants to be just like mom (which I love). She now wants a fragrance lamp in her room how I have them all over the house. The perfect thing was that they have some really cute fun ones that would look so cute in her room. The scents are so great, yet they aren't too powerful that it hurts your nose, which is what everyone is looking for. She loves that we match, and I love that my whole house smells amazing.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Custom Wedding Ring For Her Original Style

My sister was just proposed to the other week, and I am so happy for her.  I have never seen her so happy.  I think the best part about her proposal is her custom wedding ring.  She has an original style and pretty much everything that is out of the norm. He definitely knew this about her because he didn't just go to the jewelry store and pick any old ring out.  He actually talked and worked with the jeweler and created a custom wedding ring just for her.  They came up with a design together, then after that they created a mold to make any changes and see what it's going to look like, and once it is all ready they caste it and make the final product! It was so her style and so special that he did that for her. Shows me that there really are good guys that care out there! I am so happy for her and her fiance, and really hope that someone will do something that special for me!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Simple Bridesmaid Dress

I wanted to find something simple yet not boring for my bridesmaids dresses. I also wanted them to be comfortable in their dresses because I knew that my wedding was going to be big and a lot of fun! I found these really great strapless dresses with embellishment below the bust. So simple and cute. They seemed loose and flowy making them seem pretty comfortable! When I showed them to my wedding party they actually seemed excited about them, which made me really happy! I can't wait to stand next to these girls at my wedding!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Put Your Artistic Strengths Into A Custom Engagement Ring

My brother wanted me to help him pick out an engagement ring for the girl of his dreams. I was so excited to help when I came up with the best idea. I knew I have heard of creating your own custom engagement ring which was absolutely perfect. My brother is really interested in art and actually a very good artist, so I knew he was going to love this idea. He worked with the jeweler to come up with a design that was absolutely beautiful! I couldn't believe that they had come up with what they did. After that they mold it and make the finishing touches on it to make it absolutely perfect. Last they cast the model and create the ring. My brother was so happy with the outcome which also made me so happy.

When she saw the ring she was speechless, besides saying yes of course! She definitely fell in love with the ring, she couldn't stop starring at it! It made me so happy that I could help my brother do something so amazing for the girl he loves so much!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thomson Super Ball Bushing Bearing

My job at the company I work for is to order parts, and try to find the best deal without losing quality. I needed to find a better Thomson super ball bushing part. What I found was perfect for the company and my boss was happy with my find. This piece provides three times the load capacity of other bearings. With this is helps with down time and maintenance.  It is also self aligning as well as light weight and adjustable. There are many sizes to chose from so whatever you need they will have it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun Plus Size Dresses For Summer

I am getting so excited for the summer time. Winter has been really slow, which I have no complaints, but I just really want the warm weather to get here. I love summer dresses, and normally it's kind of hard for me to find plus size dresses, but I love a store that has fun and cute dresses for any female! Every girl deserves to wear a dress, no matter what shape or size.

I really love this dress, because you can dress up and dress down with it. I can wear it to the beach with my swimsuit, or take it out for the night with the girls. I can add colored accessories if I want or just leave it plain. No matter what you do with this dress it will look good. I am so excited to get it and wear it when the warmer weather returns!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fragrance Lamp Oils For Everyone!

I think I have a fragrance lamp in every room of my house. I am so obsessed. Not only do I have so many lamps but I have so many extra fragrance lamp oils. When I first tried them I just had to get so many different scents. When I was ordering them I couldn't believe how amazing the price was. This is truly a steel. I tell all of my friends about them. I think they are starting to catch up with me at how many lamps and oils they have!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun Hawaiian Baby Clothes

I love Hawaiian baby clothes, because they come in such fun and bright colors. I also love the gorgeous flowers that are on some clothes too. I found some great clothes for my newly born daughter and I also found these great hooded towels! If you have a baby, I would definitely recommend getting a hooded towel.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Massage In Orange County Surpasses All

I finally used up my Christmas present, a massage in Orange County. I can't believe I didn't use it sooner. I didn't know what relaxed really meant until I went there. I have gotten a massage before, and they felt good but it was nothing like this. All of my worries and stress just went away and I have never felt so good. I am definitely going to treat myself a lot more and I suggest you definitely do the same.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Titanium Ring = Great Present

I LOVE jewelry, and I can't get enough of it. For me and my boyfriend's anniversary I really want this titanium ring. Black goes with anything so it could really finish off an outfit. It is on sale, and I have told him so many times how much I want this ring! I really hope he gets it for me!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Reed Diffuser Oil

This was a birthday present I got from one of my daughters and I just loved the scents and even the holder that you out the reeds in. My husband just bought me a new scent of reed diffuser oil to try out and so far so good. I really like it and it's warm and comforting in the out house.