Saturday, July 21, 2012

Put Your Artistic Strengths Into A Custom Engagement Ring

My brother wanted me to help him pick out an engagement ring for the girl of his dreams. I was so excited to help when I came up with the best idea. I knew I have heard of creating your own custom engagement ring which was absolutely perfect. My brother is really interested in art and actually a very good artist, so I knew he was going to love this idea. He worked with the jeweler to come up with a design that was absolutely beautiful! I couldn't believe that they had come up with what they did. After that they mold it and make the finishing touches on it to make it absolutely perfect. Last they cast the model and create the ring. My brother was so happy with the outcome which also made me so happy.

When she saw the ring she was speechless, besides saying yes of course! She definitely fell in love with the ring, she couldn't stop starring at it! It made me so happy that I could help my brother do something so amazing for the girl he loves so much!

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