Monday, November 12, 2012

Pop The Question With A Unique Engagement Ring

My brother is going to ask his girlfriend to marry him, and yes he is going to to it on Christmas.  I think it is a little cheesy, but I know she will totally love it.  He is going to wait until after we open presents, and take her on a walk. Him and her have this special place they go to on their anniversaries, so he is going to take her there to pop the question. I told him if he was going to as her on Christmas he has to make it even more special than all of the other men who do this. He is going to pick out a unique engagement ring for her. He showed me which one he is going to get, and it is absolutely beautiful.  I can just imagine how she is going to react when she sees it.  Her style is pretty original so I think it is going to be absolutely perfect for her. I cannot wait for that special day when I am proposed to.

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