Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun Plus Size Dresses For Summer

I am getting so excited for the summer time. Winter has been really slow, which I have no complaints, but I just really want the warm weather to get here. I love summer dresses, and normally it's kind of hard for me to find plus size dresses, but I love a store that has fun and cute dresses for any female! Every girl deserves to wear a dress, no matter what shape or size.

I really love this dress, because you can dress up and dress down with it. I can wear it to the beach with my swimsuit, or take it out for the night with the girls. I can add colored accessories if I want or just leave it plain. No matter what you do with this dress it will look good. I am so excited to get it and wear it when the warmer weather returns!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fragrance Lamp Oils For Everyone!

I think I have a fragrance lamp in every room of my house. I am so obsessed. Not only do I have so many lamps but I have so many extra fragrance lamp oils. When I first tried them I just had to get so many different scents. When I was ordering them I couldn't believe how amazing the price was. This is truly a steel. I tell all of my friends about them. I think they are starting to catch up with me at how many lamps and oils they have!